Winter School for Diplomatic Protocol and Business Etiquette 27 – 29 January 2017, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Winter School for Diplomatic Protocol and Business Etiquette 27 – 29 January 2017, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo


Participants eligible to apply:
All participants or candidates that #NEED #NO #VISA TO #ENTER to the Republic of Kosovo are eligible to apply at: Winter School for Protocol and Etiquette

#Application for #participation:
All interested participants interested to take part in this simulation, must send their CVs and Motivation Letter to:, +38649580344 by 23rd January, 2017, at 23:59h.

Academy for #Protocol and #Diplomacy has the immense pleasure of inviting you to participate in the event: 1st edition of the “Winter School for Protocol and etiquette”. This course of diplomatic protocol and etiquette offered by #best #experts of the fields from the region, provides a unique opportunity for university and college students, young professionals and young leaders to study the history, role, structure, competences and activities of protocol.
Through these simulations-practices, students gain a better and clearer understanding of the capabilities and constraints that shape the policies of protocol in determining matters of Mutual understandings and best diplomatic, business and security relations among partners. Apart from dealing with a prepared agenda, students grapple with a contemporary crisis to be revealed at the Model.

Each participations, students or young professional will be able to be a trustful advisor for protocol. Upon the registration, participants shall receive preparatory material, which include the Agenda, Handbook and other publications.

Main goal of the Winter School for Protocol and Etiquette:

The main aim of the course is to gather young leaders from different countries to become familiar with the rules of protocol and etiquette, it’s role especially to new countries, familiarity with the rules of the Protocol military and diplomatic, that in the near future, when they become decision makers and elected /appointed in leadership positions they have the culture of communication based interstate, international, inter-religious and intercultural high standards of protocol behavior.

Besides the main goal, the course has these objectives:

• To enrich students / young professionals, future leaders with general knowledge of the NATO defense diplomacy policies;
• To increase knowledge about the risks and challenges of the new diplomatic protocol, theories and practices in multilateral and multidimensional relations
• To qualify participants for the planning, organizing and implementing national and international activities in the field of protocol.

This activity will take place in Prishtina, Kosovo.

a. Students with different academic backgrounds and a general interest in Euro – Atlantic integration;
b. Young professionals interested to develop their intercultural and interdisciplinary learning process;
c. Civil servants, mass communication experts, young politicians and even parliamentary officials who want to further their knowledge of the protocol processes;


#Tuition fee:
The tuition fee differs from where are you from. Therefore, the tuition fees are as follow:
• Tuition fee for Kosovo Students is: 58 Euro
• Tuition fee for non Kosovo Students is 78 Euro
• The fee will include: lectures, workshops, materials and social events.
• This fee will cover two lunches. Other meals and accommodation will be recommended for participants upon the request and participants must pay by themselves.

P.S. accommodation at private apartments in Prishtina, max 2 people in a room, we offer a best price of 15 euro per night.


Formore information please visit







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